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Manufacture details (2)

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This the 26 x 21 cm. tilting metallic plate where the telescope base will be secured.
It has a central 1/2" hole and 3 peripheral 3/8" holes, identical to the ones of the telescope base.

The 2 lateral pieces of the tilting plate. The right piece takes a second hole to place a security padlock (scheme)

Back of the tilting plate with it's lateral ones. At the bottom you can see 2 small fins where two screws will make pressure to graduate altitud.

This is the base that unites the wedge to the pier. At the center there is a 1/2" hole for the central screw.  There are also 3 arcs where three 1/4" screws go which will allow a azimuth rotation of about 5 degrees.
The wedge sidewalls are formed by 2 identical pieces.  Along the right side is a oblique cutting of the frontal edge of about 10 degrees of inclination which corresponds to the latitude of my observatory. With the screws of altitude adjustment I can obtain an adjustment between the 5 and 15 degrees. This angle can be modified during the construction for different latitudes (scheme)

This is the base with the two welded sidewalls. 3 new elements are shown:

"A"-A back bar which gives rigidity to the system.

"B"-2 handles  to hold the screws of altitude adjustment.

"C"-A small top for  the azimuth adjustment.


Base placed on top of the fixed pier showing the altitude adjustment screws.